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What are the types of fireworks?

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Fireworks variety of names. According to the discharge effect points, there are thirteen major categories: spray category, rotating class, rotating off the class, rocket class, spit bead class, small fireworks, smoke, modeling toys, fireworks, Stage fireworks, cold fireworks, instant fireworks, torch fireworks, toy fireworks, firecrackers, stage fountains, shelves, fountains, fireworks, fireworks, fireworks, fireworks, fireworks, Fireworks, fireworks and other day more than 3,000; In addition, Liuyang and Wanzai and other places to produce large-scale fireworks, mainly for large-scale fireworks show appreciation. The main types are "fireworks subtitles", "shell", "potted flower", "rocket", "big fire wheel", "fireworks on the shelf" 6 kinds, every year dozens to hundreds of categories, specifications.

As people's awareness of environmental protection, but also the emergence of electronic fireworks.
Electronic fireworks is a projector's body was hemispherical, at first glance feel more like an astronomical telescope. Relying on the above six high-light LED lens projection in the dim light of space. One large lens, a small lens four, there is a 180-degree lens can be rotated. All lenses are protected by a transparent, spherical cover. And the base portion has a row of operating buttons.
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