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Liuyang fireworks output is expected to reach five years or 35 billion

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Recently, Liuyang City fireworks industry cluster "thirteen five" development plan has been completed, the development of industries and key projects such as guidance.

According to the plan, by 2020, Liuyang City, the number of fireworks manufacturers will be controlled within 600 or less, of which 1 billion yuan output value of more than 5 enterprises, more than 100 million yuan output value of more than 50 enterprises, fireworks industry cluster output 35 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 9.8%.

To achieve this goal, the next five years Liuyang fireworks industry will further transform the cultural and creative industries to improve quality, take the safety, environmental protection, science and technology as the main content of the cultural industry development path, to create fireworks as the carrier of the characteristics of cultural industry park, vigorously Foster domestic and international famous brands, the construction of state-level export fireworks quality and safety demonstration area, safe production demonstration area, intelligent manufacturing demonstration area.

In the regional layout, the city will be divided into fireworks forbidden area, moderate control area, control area three regions, respectively, corresponding to different development direction.

Fireworks cultural industry development will be formed along the two professional groups. The two groups for the fireworks Eastern professional group (fireworks industry innovation demonstration area), the Southern District of professional groups (Liuyang (Dayao), Liuyang fireworks industry development zone, Liuyang fireworks industry development zone, Fireworks Cultural Industry Park, the national fireworks and raw materials research and development, trading center, fireworks industry tourism reception and fireworks cultural heritage base).

At the same time, a number of key projects of fireworks and firecrackers industry have also been included in the "13th Five-Year Plan", through the construction of international fireworks display trade center, the International Fireworks Innovation Center, the global fireworks machinery research and development center, China Fireworks Cultural Research Institute Batch of national, provincial and municipal key projects, so that Liuyang fireworks industry with thousands of years of cultural heritage of traditional industries flourish.

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