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Fireworks manufacturers to eradicate the four ills

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Fireworks production enterprises how to keep up with the pace of the times? Technology, personnel, policy, etc. However, through the fireworks manufacturers of nearly 10 research found that the existence of fireworks manufacturers their own ills, is the most important thing is the industry's attention is a topic, the focus of discussion focused on capital, Restricting the Inner Cause of the Development of Fireworks Industry.

Ills one, into the old business model

Enterprise management is a way for enterprises to respond to the market competition situation and development trend, and this method and method is effective under certain circumstances. From this definition, the current fireworks production enterprise business model is the lack of competition in the market situation and competitive trend of the control, from the visiting enterprises, pay attention to speed, focus on quantity, focus on market share of the mindset, the enterprise Between the game as the focus of competition, this model as a result of the old form of mindset caused by the fireworks business management rigid, the performance of the enterprises to dig each other customers, fight prices, overdraft credit into the old model of the symptoms , Making the fireworks manufacturing enterprises in the development process, the lack of coexistence and win-win mind, although in recent years in the fireworks industry, production and sales have a certain growth, but the ability of sustainable development, has not been significantly improved, the whole The industry's development strategy has been constrained. Its stubborn solid, the pain of the disease can be seen. Some fireworks enterprise groups appear to attempt to change the competitive landscape, because the business model is not innovation, thinking stereotypes curing, is nothing more than Baotuan heating, rather than Baotuan breakthrough, inevitably caught in heavy trains muddy road predicament.

Solution: to the mind of the big market, to focus on quality, focus on value, pay attention to the benefits of vision, look at their business model, in order to fully tap the customer value for the wedge, modify and improve their business model.

Ills Second, lack of brand culture

Speaking of the brand, no fireworks manufacturers do not recognize its importance. But its market for consumers to choose the product, the real brand of cultural heritage products, or allow consumers to repeat the desire to buy, agree with its brand culture, very few products, "Liuyang fireworks," its geographical mark in the consumer Although the status of hearts can not shake, but the fake and shoddy products, from time to time to dampen the consumer "Liuyang Fireworks" trust. Insiders have said that because of the randomness and uncertainty in the consumption of fireworks products, consumers rarely choose products from the brand, then think of a different point of view, precisely because the fireworks products, there is no unique brand of cultural value of the product So that consumers choose, which makes consumers in the choice of fireworks products, had to choose the geographical indication - "Liuyang fireworks." On the surface is the "Liuyang Fireworks," the dependence and recognition, but it is behind a helpless. As the fireworks consumption to meet the needs of the release of consumer sentiment, the fireworks product brand's cultural background requires a higher level, product name and packaging screen is important, but because of the brand's cultural background, product packaging no matter how the design is inevitable fancy, There is no foundation, directly misleading consumers to brand choice and recognition, but also just proof of the fireworks manufacturers of their own brand of cultural heritage caused by lack of confidence.

Solution: focus on the characteristics of consumer demand, tap the brand's cultural value, cultivate the brand's cultural heritage, multi-level to meet the emotional needs of consumers.

Illness Third, the product is similar to serious

Fireworks products similar phenomenon, intensified in recent years, which is visited several fireworks manufacturers the same feeling, especially the combination of fireworks products, many manufacturers of the so-called product innovation, in fact take the improvement, or even copy the copy Shortcuts, the best-selling varieties on the market. Through anatomy, change about the layout, change the tube regulation, re-design product packaging, change the product name, you can lower the price to market. The real product development and innovation of the results, it was the same assimilation, and seriously dampened the enthusiasm of new product development companies, such a vicious cycle continues, the consequences must be more intense price competition, a direct threat to the production enterprises Of the survival, although there may be extreme extremes - the industry re-shuffle, but the cruelty of this process is difficult to predict, it is difficult to conclude that once everyone is hurt, is bound to cause the entire industry recession, which Is this illness does not bring the serious consequences.

Solution: take the road of product specialization, do a good job in product development at the same time, according to the characteristics of their products, around to meet consumer demand, start marketing.

Ills four core competitiveness is not strong

There is competition in the market, and visited the company talked about the core competitiveness of enterprises, fireworks factory did not show a clear self-confidence. Some companies do not create their own sense of core competitiveness, and some companies have such a sense, but can not find their competitive advantage. In fact, the competition between enterprises just as natural competition between different species, the reason why the weak can survive, multiply, because they live with the strong space is not completely coincide, that is, their respective living space, and can hold Or expand their own living space, with its own core competitiveness. Heavyweight market innovation; heavy market share, enhance the value of light customers; heavy species development, light boutique to create; heavy packaging design, heavy-duty packaging design, and so on, the company's core competitiveness is not strong and the main symptoms are: heavy product sales, Light brand value cultivation. This is more important between the light and let the fireworks production enterprises in the development of the road appears faltering. The purpose of competition among enterprises is not to put the peer to death and then fast, but through competition, to play their own advantages to expand the living space does not coincide part.

Solution: Around the nine competitive forces (resources, integration, decision-making power, execution, marketing, product, manufacturing, research and development, brand power) to find their own advantages, the advantages of playing a core competitiveness.

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